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Apple unveiled its long-rumored Apple Watch, the tech giant’s first new device in four years, in a gala event on Tuesday amid a raft of product announcements that also included two new iPhones and a mobile payment system.

Apple CEO Tim Cook called the watch, which will be customizable and available in multiple styles, “a comprehensive health and fitness device,” and “the most most personal device we’ve ever created.

What did you think of the announcement? Will you be buying a new iPhone or an Apple Watch?

Read more and see more photos here.

I’m glad this came out. 

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"It’s 2am you ignored all my texts and all I can do is lay here desperately as tears run down my face when all I needed was you to be here for me.."

- baefiveoneoh (Your coming over tomorrow you said and I know it’s our last time ever seeing each other again I can just feel it..)

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